Lamentation Heals

Thank you to all those who’ve been praying, interceding, and grieving with my CA family. Jesus Himself is referred to as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. In that, for families all over the world grieving for a lost loved one, let lamentation be healing 😢🙏🏼🙄

Prayer Heals

The dictionary definition of prayer falls waaay short. Prayer, in its very nature, can be healing because it one of the foremost ways people encounter God. . . Here’s an easy way to engage in healing prayer (thank you @pastor_adam_atchison for introducing me to this)...pray out ACTS... . Adoration . Confession . Thanksgiving . Supplication

Prophecy Heals

Like praying in the spirit, for many the prophetic (another gift of the Spirit) carries confusion, stigmas, fear, and skepticism! For the moment, let everything you know (or think you know) fall by the wayside and take this in: . . The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of prophecy. -Revelation 19:10

Praise Heals

There’s so much here 🙌🏼 Praise in #Spirit and #Truth carries #power because it’s what are made worship! 🔥 When we praise #Elohim we come into #alignment with #purpose. 🌿 Praise heals because it opens the door to authentic #faith, #humility, and #gratitude. 🙏🏼 Praise invites the ministering presence of the Holy Spirit and… Continue reading Praise Heals